Forex4you and advisor Forex Megadroid

Working with Forex4you - a variety of account types, and each trader can choose a one that corresponds to its level
"Cent" for self-study of two cents, the standard

"Classic" from $ 2

"Pro" for professionals trade on the Forex.
Our company offers some of the best conditions Forex earnings:
  • Many ways to deposit, including automatic (including the payment system JCB / E-port / OSMP across the country);
  • Automatic execution of orders;
  • Use the most common trading platform MetaTrader4, as well a
  • Currency accounts in dollars and euros;
  • s its mobile version;
  • Flash news from Dow Jones in Russian;
  • Interest-free input-output resources throughout the country, including bank transfer;
  • Dealing through a free telephone line;
  • Semi-automatic lifting and support multischetov in the office of the trader.
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Configuring Terminal MetaTrader 4

Setting Metatrader4

The client terminal MetaTrader4 or short - MT4, was developed by the company MetaQuotes Software Corp and, when installed on your computer allows you to:

Execute trades.
Technical analysis.
Test and optimize trading strategies.
Monitor and manage open positions.
Get quotes and news in real time.
Write Advisors, indicators, scripts and functions in the language MQL4.

MT4 can be downloaded from the developer's site or from your dealer from whom you are trading.

Here I show you an example of setting MT4

General view of the window MT4

If your window is different from the MT4 presented here, or anything to worry about. You can leave as you have, and can adjust as here. Below I will describe how to customize the look of the windows MT4.

Expand the window to full screen MT4 your monitor for comfortable work with him.

At the top of the MT4 menu on the left is composed of seven items: "File", "type", "Insert", "Graphics", "Tools," "Window", "Help."

Click on the "View" -> "Terminal". You will see a "Terminal" window, drag the mouse to the bottom of the window MT4 until it will "stick" to the edges of the main window of MT4.

"Terminal" window

Then click on the "View" -> "Navigator". You will have a "Navigator" window. Just drag the mouse in the bottom right MT4 until it will "stick" to the edges of the main window.

"Navigator" window

Next, click on the "View" -> "Market Watch". Do you see the window "Market Watch" with trading tools.

Window "Market Watch"

In the "Market" you need to choose tools for trading. To do this, select the left mouse button the desired currency pair, then the right mouse button, a context menu, select "Chart Window". You appear in the main window MT4 chart window with the chosen currency pair.

This way you can choose exactly what you to trade currency pairs. I, in this case, chose the following tools for trading:


After you select all of the tools of trade, the window "Market Watch" can be closed by clicking the mouse in the upper right corner of the icon, "X".

Then, for uniform distribution of graphics windows in the window MT4, go to "Window" -> "Portrait" or "Horizontal". You will have a window view MT4 as shown in the top photo.

Then go to configure the terminal MT4. To do this, click "Tools" -> "Options" and select the "Server".

On this tab, the only difference from yours, this drop-down menu "server" where the server must be written to your broker. Customize your MT4 so (check where they are and remove them where not present) as shown in the photos below.

"Server" tab

The tab "Charts"

Tab "Objects"

Tab "Trade"

On the "Trade" can be the difference in drop-down menu "Volume default" according to an account of your broker. Set this to the minimum amount, although it does not matter.

The tab "Expert Advisors"

Tab "Mail"

Tab "Publish"

The tab "Events"

Click on the "Events" you can set audible alarms as you wish, but for myself I'm disabled.

At the end of setup, click "OK." Setting terminal MT4 is completed.

We proceed to set up "Window Art"

Right click in the window of any graphics, and then click "Properties." Properties window opens window graphics. Set up as shown in the photos below. Color scheme you can make on your own.

"Colors" tab

"General" tab

At the end of setup, click "OK." Setup window graphics completed. But we have configured only one window graphics and we need to configure all the windows graphics. That would not repeat the monotonous action with every window we need to save this template customized window graphics.

To this end, the configured chart window, click the right mouse key and the shortcut menu, choose the series "Template" -> "Save Template". A window opens where you should come up (such as "window graphics" or "Main window", etc.) and write the name of the template and save it by clicking "OK".

Further, in the graphics window, which we need to adjust, click the right mouse key and the shortcut menu, choose the series "Template" -> "Load Template" and set the template that you saved. And so consistent with all the windows graphics.

The main features of advisor
1.Torgovlya on any deposit currency (EUR, USD.) for any currency pair with a standard or extended (3 and 5 digits after the decimal point) digit prices.

2.Minimalny deposit for trading on cent run on one currency pair, with a minimum lot size of 0.01, is only $ 1.

3.Hedzhirovanie trading using expert advisors on several currency pairs.

4.Dinamicheskaya correction TP open order, depending on the strength of the trend.

5.Ustanovka without loss of open orders, when it reaches a given level of profit.

6.Vozmozhnost installation trade in one direction only, that is only just BUY or SELL.

7.Kruglosutochnaya trading schedule your broker, without any human intervention.
Terms of trade
The main terms of trade for advisor Forex Megadroid
1.Torgovy market: Forex.

2.Ispolzuemy terminal: MetaTrader4.

3.Broker (DC): Any agent with a standard or extended (3 and 5 digits after the decimal point) digit quotes.

4.Kreditnoe shoulder: Recommended 1:500, but not less than 1:200.

5.Minimalny deposit on cent account for a minimum lot 0.01 for one currency pair: 1$.

Next, set the advisor to the chart.

To do this in the "Navigator", we catch the mouse and drag adviser Megadroid it to the desired graph window. Setup window will appear adviser. "General" tab, configure as shown in the photo. On the "Inputs" or anything you can not change or adjust according to the instructions of an advisor.

"General" tab

The tab "Inputs"

Once you attach a counselor at a chart in the top right corner of the chart, next to the adviser should be in the form of smiley faces with a smile, as shown in the photo below.

The window with the installed and enabled Advisor

And it has consistently set the advisor on all currency pairs in which you want to trade.

If an advisor is not included, as shown in the photo below, then follows through MT4 settings on the tab "Expert Advisors" tick "Enable Expert Advisors". Or, the same can be done via the toolbar of the "Standard".

Window with a set but not included Advisor

Customize MT4 completed. After installation, an expert on all currency pairs MT4 terminal window will appear as shown in bottom photo.

MT4 terminal window with the specified advisor

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